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 Sleepy and tense...

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PostSubject: Sleepy and tense...   Tue May 18, 2010 9:48 am

Well, I just got up with my alarm. Gonna be a looonnnggg, headachy day. There was a cop shooting in my area at around 1:40am this am, and then about a 3-hour search, with circling helicopter, before they finally found and shooting a bad guy. I didn't hear the original shooting: apparently a car was stopped for DUI or whatever, and the passenger started shooting several time, hitting an officer (who just got out of surgery and will live). What woke me up was the chopper. I did hear a couple of gunshots at the end.

Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep
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PostSubject: Re: Sleepy and tense...   Tue May 18, 2010 5:05 pm

Me and the ex were out one nite having sex in the yard til we heard and saw the chopper with the search light... years later on my last job, I found out it was one of my co-worker's bf's at the time Laughing

I've been trying to get Spot in to get his teeth cleaned, the vet thinks it'll help with his problem, but for some reason I can't move at that point, 7:30am cause my back is freaking out. I've missed 2 appts and set one again for Friday morning. I'm adjusting my dope too... we'll see. But at any rate, something new to tell my doc. Suspect
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Sleepy and tense...
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